Donatella Arione

Mira A Ver

L'Avana, February 2018. Cubaís capital and the city that has certainly experienced the succession of events in Cubanís history, every event has marked not only the people but also the urban landscape of the city itself. I landed in l'Avana with a thought that immediately became a feeling inside me: in this city the signs of the past are certainly visible and the future, at the moment, can only move between these signs. Architectural styles, historical events, leaders, poverty, economic recovery, hopes (but also wifi, smartphone, the increase of massive tourism): everything coexists. I started my own reflections, and I decided to transport my feeling inside this photographic project. So L'Avana became for me as a sort of ďstageĒ and the walls became, in front of my eyes, like canvases painted and marked by the past and the present too. In this suggestive and interesting urban landscape, full of colors and social and cultural contaminations, people interact and coexist. Old and new generation, what l'Avana was and also what could , or would like, will be. I moved around the city searching for this sensation, i tried to translate my feelings into images able to stimulate reflections about this city.A visual research that doesnít want to give answers, talk about politics or take a stand, but a sort of invite to observe and make a personal reflections about the theme. I believe in the power of photography and I hope that pictures, taken with a feeling, could do this and make the difference between "just watch and really see", especially nowadays.

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